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The Ironclad Hub
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Welcome to The Ironclad Hub

A space for writers & theatre-makers to find networking, development and collaboration opportunities

About Us

Ironclad Creative CIC is an organisation that aims to support writers and theatre-makers to network, develop and collaborate. We particularly support those with low-incomes. 

The Ironclad Hub is a digital platform that has existed since 2020 and now hosts hundreds of writers & theatre-makers.

We've built this community to create a space for people to network, learn and find each other. 

There are tons of events happening inside the Ironclad Hub all the time, including writing sprints, guest talks, member highlights, collaboration shout outs, office hours, and AMAs.  

Why Join Us?

Join The Ironclad Hub for to connect with our community of writers & theatre-makers from around the world!

The Ironclad Hub is a digital community platform for people who want to:

  • Join conversations that inspire about narrative and creativity
  • Find other creative people, near or far to collaborate with or simply share ideas
  • Be part of a community with exciting free events 
  • Discover talks, interviews and blogs from expert writers and theatre-makers
  • Promo your work and your workshops 
  • Attend free writing sprints, networking sessions, guest lectures and AMAs
  • Get discounted entry to VIP talks, Coaching and Mentoring sessions and more! 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for supporting The Ironclad Hub!

Spread the word far and wide - the larger our community, the more we do!