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Welcome to The Ironclad Hub

A community of creatives getting inspired, collaborating and helping each other develop!

About Us

We are Ironclad Creative, a not-for-profit organisation founded by an independent theatre producer and a playwriting director who also run Cast Iron Theatre in Brighton. 

The Ironclad Hub aims to bring performing arts writers, directors, producers and actors together to create community, learn and succeed in our careers.  

We've built this community to inspire each other, share skills and to provide training and mentoring that is facilitated by experts across the industry.  

We think that performing arts careers should be available to all no matter your background or identity. We want The Ironclad Hub to be a safe, welcoming and diverse space to share, learn and develop. 

Why You Should Join Us

Join The Ironclad Hub for free to connect with our community of writers, directors, actors, producers and creative people from Brighton and beyond!

The Ironclad Hub is somewhere special for aspiring, emerging and professional creatives alike. We have one common interest here and that's performing arts!

  • Join conversations that inspire about your particular field or areas that interest you.
  • Find other creative people, from your area or far away, to collaborate with or simply share ideas.
  • Be part of a community with exciting conversation-starters and our Creative Catch-up sessions. 
  • Discover talks, interviews and blogs from expert writers, producers, directors and actors.

Take your learning further and choose from a range of great value paid-for benefits like:

  • Exclusive expert-led acting, writing, directing and producing Classes
  • Mentoring and Coaching sessions to drill down on how you work and what you need to do next. 
  • Business and Funding classes to take your career to the next level.

 We're a not-for-profit organisation. We're committed to, not only providing paid work for our expert tutors, but also making sure that we support creative learners too. 

We'll be offering as many free scholarship places and reduced rates as we can on our paid-for events for artists who face barriers to performing arts careers.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for supporting The Ironclad Hub!

Spread the word far and wide - the larger our community, the more we can connect, develop and share what we do!

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